Hi, I’m Zach! Currently working on Farmer in the Fallout. Previous games include: Cat Moped, Blazin’ Aces, and Slenderman: The Game.


I just switched hosts and lost my old site (y’know, that thing where you FTP your old one and forget that WordPress keeps all written content in a MySQL database instead of files?). Give me a sec! You can try Cat Moped on Android or iOS. Also, check out this sweet article on Cat Moped! Or, you can check out my previous games from 2013 or earlier.

My HTML5 games will be back up shortly but you can always find them on Kongregate.


Cat Moped

-One-tap physics with animals- I developed Cat Moped alone but that’s not to say it lacked support from others. About half the sounds are from contributors to freesound.org and a lot of my friends and family have taken the time to test it at various stages. Originally posted for release day January 2, 2016; re-formatted for the …