Farmer in the Fallout Development Logs

This is my first big game! How exciting. Enter into your role as a farmer in the post-nuclear ruins of a world not unlike our own. I aim to make a grittier but still family-friendly farm-sim-adventure not unlike Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.

Man, I’m such a nerd! Ah well, if you can’t get past my mumbling turn on closed-captions. The captions are painstakingly written to be what I actually say, fixing the auto-caption errors like, “The pope made a potato.”

Cat Moped

-One-tap physics with animals-

I developed Cat Moped alone but that’s not to say it lacked support from others. About half the sounds are from contributors to and a lot of my friends and family have taken the time to test it at various stages.

Originally posted for release day January 2, 2016; re-formatted for the new site

Super Helpful Quality Assurance Testers:

  • Jacob Nickerson
  • Richard Paul
  • Cody Pearce
  • Jeremy Cramer (current reigning champion on iOS Game Center)

Sounds Used Directly from or Sampled (all under public domain):

  • this list is in progress